Divorce Lawyer in Knutsford

Divorce Lawyer in KnutsfordYou know why you want a divorce but you also need a divorce lawyer in Knutsford. BPS Family Law is our long established and highly respected firm with speciality lawyers to assist through the sometimes troubling waters of family life. So whatever your reason for needing a divorce, even an uncontested one, it must meet the grounds as set forth by our Government Laws. So if you want a divorce because you’re tired of irresponsible money management by your spouse, failure to maintain the home in good condition and reluctance to carry a fair share of parental responsibility we have to make that fit into accepted grounds. “I don’t love you enough to live like this and I don’t see it getting any better” is not grounds.

You have no evidence of adulterous behaviour by your spouse nor has he or she deserted you or physically abused you.  Such circumstances is why, in Knutsford, divorce lawyer assistance is valuable for walking you through the process. Your circumstances are grounds for divorce based on your conviction that your spouse’s behaviour is unreasonable. Grounds for divorce due to unreasonable behaviour covers a lot of grey areas but you do have to convince the court your reasons qualify. BPS Family Law divorce lawyers have a great deal of experience in preparing and presenting these petitions before a judge. Much of the work of our divorce lawyers is preparing, presenting and filing documents.

Some of the responsibilities of your divorce lawyer in Knutsford is routine but all of it must be done conscientiously and thoroughly. Count on us to carry out these responsibilities in a timely manner. No matter your reasons for divorce, even if it’s congenial, it’s still emotional. You always have the option of waiting through the two-year separation before filing with consent of spouse or choose to wait through a five year separation and file with no consent. Divorce is personal and we approach it based on the specific needs of our client.  Contact BPS Family Law for a consultation to determine the best divorce plan of action based on your special set of circumstances. We’ll find the best solution for you to achieve the best possible outcome.