Speak to an Experienced and Dedicated Family Solicitor in Cheshire for Assistance

Family Solicitor in Cheshire You may need the assistance of a family solicitor in Cheshire if your spouse is being unreasonable about the custody and care of our children. During a divorce, it is, unfortunately, often the children that bear the brunt of the unhappiness and acrimony of the parents. Details concerning the children’s care should be carefully considered, being their best interests in mind. If this is proving to be a challenge, it is wise to use the services of a professional family solicitor for guidance and support.

We have many years of experience in all aspects of family law. In Cheshire a family solicitor is available to assist during a challenging time. If the divorce proceedings are underway, care must be taken to ensure that the children born of the marriage are properly cared for. This will include their living arrangements, schooling, custody and visitation. Our family solicitor can assist you in preparing the most appropriate arrangement to suit all concerned. Paying maintenance for the children’s living expenses is not a benefit for the custodial parent. It is the children’s right. As is visitation for the non custodial parent. All these aspects need to be calmly discussed, and planned, without bitterness and hostility.

A family solicitor in Cheshire is compassionate, experienced and dedicated. When you need the assistance and guidance of a family solicitor, contact BPS Law today. We are currently open and are available to assist either via telephone or video call consultations. Not only are we experts in our field, but we also are committed to providing a personal service to our clients. We will assist you with compassion, professionalism and expertise. Our clients’ happiness is what matters to us. The most common Order made in Children Act cases is a Child Arrangements Order. What this does is details how and with whom the children are going to live with, or visit and when. Our family solicitor will assist and guide you through the process. We will assist you when you need it most.