Child Solicitor in Altrincham, Available to Assist When You Need it Most

Child Solicitor in AltrinchamA child solicitor in Altrincham may be necessary if you and your spouse are getting a divorce. Most often, it is the children who bear the brunt of their parents’ anxiety and frustration during this time. Children are likely to experience distress and confusion. Our child solicitor is available to assist with   helping parents work out the best arrangements for their children.  We have many years of experience as family law solicitors and we are available to assist. You can rely on our child solicitor to provide caring, practical advice in a friendly, sensitive manner.  Our main aim is to look after your best interests and those of your children.

When the court is considering any matters concerning the upbringing of a child, the child’s welfare is the most important. In Altrincham, our child solicitor can assist you to submit a Statement of Arrangements to the court when you file for divorce. This document details the care arrangements you and your partner have agreed to for your children.  When you and your spouse have amicably agreed to your children’s care arrangements, the judiciary will only get involved in sorting out child arrangements as a last resort. We have a wealth of experience in this area of family law, and a high success rate of negotiating arrangements amicably and quickly. Our child solicitor is compassionate and has the knowledge and care to help you through this turbulent time.

A child solicitor in Altrincham is available when you make the first phone call to our team. Our solicitors believe that the child’s welfare is highly important, especially during a challenging time such as a divorce. We will ensure that yours and your child’s voice is heard. We will also ensure the best outcome for all concerned. When you need the assistance of professional child solicitor, contact BPS Family Law to schedule an appointment. We have been practising family law with excellence for over 50 years. Our team provides advice and support during an emotionally turbulent time. Our clients’ happiness matters.