Best Child Solicitor in Stretton: for the Rights of the Child

Best Child Solicitor in StrettonThe best child solicitor in Stretton is BPS Family Law. Why does that matter? Because sometimes the biggest struggle comes after the divorce is final and all parental agreements are signed. Our divorce lawyers are also the best and we prepare documents setting forth the terms of your and your ex-spouse’s agreements about the children. Even though the agreement is mutual you still want it signed and documented because you can’t predict the future. One parent’s life change can up end the whole joint custody agreement.  For instance, a job promotion means leaving the state for one parent. So the primary custodial parent is now asked to agree to changes to accommodate the absent parent.

Instead of a reliable parent helper to meet the kid’s needs, the primary custodial parent is now a single parent and his or her whole schedule, including personal time, is ended. In Stretton, best child solicitor needs to be made aware of the change and the hardship it presents to the children and the other parent. The out of area parent now wants the children flown out to spend all holidays. Does that parent have the right to make such demands in order to further a career? If the answer is no, there is hostility. That parent may stop any child support payments since they are being denied visitation. Does the custodial spouse have recourse? The answer is yes and with BPS Family Law, that parent also has the best child solicitor.

If the situation escalates, the best child solicitor in Stretton is needed to protect the rights of the children and the other parent. Escalation could include a petition by the absent parent for full custody or even threats of abduction. Restraining orders may be needed. If the situation is not resolved then the court may appoint a solicitor for the children. At that point the courts will decide what’s best for them and the parents will have to comply. This is not a situation for amateurs. You need highly experienced tough-minded professionals on the front lines representing your interests. Contact BPS Family Law: we have been established since 1948. Our current partners have been in the trenches for years, fighting for the rights of our clients; and winning.