Divorce Solicitor in Knutsford A divorce solicitor in Knutsford can assist you when you make the final decision to divorce your spouse. We can assist in proving grounds for divorce exists. Before the divorce can proceed, the court needs proof that there are grounds for divorce. These include desertion, unreasonable behaviour and adultery. They also include living apart for 2 and 5 years, along with desertion. Legal expertise in this area is critical to a successful outcome.  Our divorce solicitor has not only the expertise to assist you, but will do so with commitment and compassion. A divorce is not only a separation of spouses, but also one of belongings and finances.

Your children need care. In Knutsford, a divorce solicitor can assist here too. We will help resolve conflicts. As such, our goal is always to reach an amicable resolution and a seamless co-parenting agreement. It can be a difficult time as emotions and feelings are in conflict. Arrangements for the financial care of the children. Additionally, custody and visitation arrangements are necessary. While this is a challenging time for all, it’s imperative that these arrangements have the best interests of the children. Our divorce solicitor will provide guidance and support during this time.

A divorce solicitor in Knutsford is available when you give us a ring. Our firm has 60 years of experience handling divorce cases. No two divorce cases are the same so there is never anything routine about the divorces our firm undertakes. Contact BPS Family Law before you decide to pursue divorce. We have a range of payment options available. These include fixed fees, structure payments or payment at the end of your case. Our divorce solicitor commits to providing you with a personal and professional service. As such, this ensures the best outcome for you and your family.