Divorce Solicitors in Frodsham

Divorce Solicitors in FrodshamIf you and your spouse are considering a legal and permanent separation, the assistance of divorce solicitors in Frodsham may be helpful. You and your spouse may no longer want to remain married, in which case you both may start divorce proceedings if you’ve been married for a minimum of one year. When you go to court, you have to prove your marriage is no longer working. Adultery is one reason why you may file for divorce. Unreasonable behaviour is another ground for divorce. Examples include emotional or physical abuse, lack of emotional or financial support. Other grounds for divorce are desertion and living apart with consent for two years. If you have lived away from your spouse for five years or more, you do not need to seek consent to obtain a divorce. Apart from grounds, there are many other legal aspects of divorce.

If you are located in Frodsham, divorce solicitors may be contacted at BPS Family Law. Our team consists of experienced solicitors who have over six decades of experience. At BPS Family Law, we won’t just help you obtain a legal divorce from your spouse, we will help you get what is rightfully yours. The entire divorce process is emotionally trying; this is where we can be your support and ally. During your time in the marriage, you may have collectively acquired certain items such as a flat, jewellery, or other property. It is quite possible that you may not receive any of these things if you do not seek proper representation. Apart from divorce, we can provide legal assistance with prenuptial agreements, child disputes, grandparent’s rights, injunctions, civil partnerships, enforcement of court orders and financial disclosure.

If you are contemplating divorce from your spouse, seek legal advice from the best divorce solicitors in Frodsham. Contact BPS Family Law today if you need assistance from our team of divorce solicitors. Protect yourself and your rights with our assistance. We have been practising family law since 1948, and we are committed to offering a personal service to each and every client.