An injunction is an Order of the Court which prevents somebody from doing something.

There are two main areas of family law where injunctions may be necessary.

Firstly, where one party to a divorce has dissipated some of the matrimonial assets or attempted to do so. This is called a ‘freezing injunction’ and essentially ‘freezes’ their assets. For example, a bank account might be frozen or access may be strictly restricted in accordance with terms set out by the Court. The freezing order can last a specified amount of time or can have effect until the divorce proceedings have concluded.

The other situation where injunctions can be required is domestic abuse cases. Where your partner (or ex-partner) is harassing you or threatening violence, a non-molestation order can be obtained to prevent this behaviour. Alternatively, you can obtain an occupation order to restrict the abuser from living in your house or even the surrounding area.

Applications for injunctions are usually made on an urgent basis to prevent any further wrong-doing from taking place.

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