Client Testimonial - "I have a critical eye with an attention to detail.  I have been very impressed by BPS Family Law across the board.  This begins from the cleanliness of the well situated premises, the polite friendly welcome and the smartness of all concerned.  This is a particularly difficult time for me.   The availability even out of the already long hours, reassurance, understanding, explanations, guidance and billing flexibility have been outstanding; whilst not departing from reality. I cannot imagine a better service.  Caroline is an exceptional individual with an excellent grasp of her subject but not afraid to ask for technical help from other professionals if something is outside of her field.  That said, it would need to be non-legal! She is an assiduous player and clearly experienced and confident in the advice she gives and the explanations she provides.  Her technical knowledge and execution are inspiring, reassuring and exemplary.  Her commercial awareness reflects her years of experience."  Client, London, UK

Caroline joined BPS in 2010. She became the first female Partner for the firm (established in 1948) in 2013. Caroline is widely renowned as one of the most sought after divorce and matrimonial finance lawyers in the UK and has become the ‘solicitor of choice’ for representing ultra-high net worth and complex disputes both in the North and South of the country.  Listed in the 2017 Edition of the Legal 500 as a 'Recommended Lawyer' Caroline has achieved recognition of her ability from the legal sector. 

Caroline’s experience in highly complex cases means she has become the ‘go to’ Solicitor for client’s seeking a robust and knowledgeable divorce lawyer. She has in depth knowledge of dealing with multi-national companies, Trusts, inheritance disputes, overseas properties and inter family financial structures within a separation. Alluding confidence in the law she has the essential foundations of knowledge which is a must within any strong lawyer. Clients are very quickly reassured on meeting Caroline that they are in the best possible hands.

Caroline has represented client’s involving Maintenance Pending Suit applications (ensuring  clients have sufficient income to meet their requirements until final settlement), enforcement of Court Orders including Judgement Summons and Committal to Prison for non-payment of maintenance,  claims of ‘Sham’ when client's have believed a spouse has manipulated their disclosure to defeat financial claims, obtaining expert reports relating to a value of a parties interest in a company when their valuation is not accepted, considering complex Trust arrangements and considering whether a party can access funds held within a Trust. Caroline has dealt with claims against Inheritance and wider family wealth and is fully appraised in Pension sharing.  

Along with a strong client base in the North of England Caroline represents many clients from the South and regularly appears in Courts across the Country. Further, Caroline represents clients globally and has a strong reputation across the seas. Due to her commitment and professionalism, much of Caroline’s work is generated through recommendations, clients respect her formidable approach to her work.

Central to Caroline’s ethos is that she’s available outside of standard working hours. Recognising that many family related issues arise outside of these hours she is regularly known to be taking calls and meeting with client’s late at night, the early hours of the morning and weekends.  


Caroline also has a wealth of knowledge and experience in Pre-Nuptial Agreements,TOLATA disputes and Child of the family related issues.     

Caroline has represented many high profile clients in entering into Pre-Nuptial and Post Nuptial Agreements ensuring Agreements are correctly worded and enforceability is appropriately addressed. She has represented clients seeking both to uphold and withdraw from Agreement's that they have entered into.    

Over the past 10 years Caroline has represented both mothers and fathers who have concerns relating to their children including; the time their child spends with them or the other parent, concerns relating to a parent’s ability to care for a child, issues surrounding a child’s education and internal and external relocation of a child. Disputes relating to non-married parties to a separation are complex and require expert knowledge. Caroline represents clients who require clear advice relating to their legal rights in relation to the rights to assets on separation.

Caroline has represented clients in the Magistrates Court, County Court, High Court and Court of Appeal across the Country. She has strong relationships with the very best Barrister’s and Queens Counsel in the North and the South which she considers to be invaluable to her clients. Those relationships enable Caroline to build a case which is hard-hitting from inception to the final days of settlement/Final Hearing.   

Caroline offers bespoke appointments to suit professionals and busy lifestyles. BPS Family Law hold appointments for clients outside of working hours during evenings and weekends.  

First consultation is without charge. If you would like to meet with Caroline please contact her Hale office, 0161 926 1430, Manchester office 0161 834 2623 or Stockton Heath office 01925 91 22 77.