Caroline Swain is a clever lawyer and I rate her and recommend her


Legal 500 - 2021

The team at BPS Family Law is exceptional.  Their ethic, capability and professionalism was worlds apart from the other I had dealings with.  Caroline Swain provides a complete service due to her wealth of knowledge and her reassuring manner. 


Legal 500 - 2023

Inspiring Reassuring and Exemplary

I have a critical eye with an attention to detail. I have been very impressed by BPS Family Law across the board. This begins from the cleanliness of the well situated premises, the polite friendly welcome and the smartness of all concerned.

This is a particularly difficult time for me. The availability even out of the already long hours, reassurance, understanding, explanations, guidance and billing flexibility have been outstanding; whilst still not departing from reality. I cannot imagine a better service. Harry Lipson introduced me to Caroline Swain. Caroline is an exceptional individual with an excellent grasp of her subject but not afraid to ask for technical help from other professionals if something is outside of her field.  That said, it would need to be non-legal!

She is an assiduous player and clearly experienced and confident in the advice she gives and the explanations she provides. Her technical knowledge and execution are inspiring, reassuring and exemplary. Her commercial awareness reflects her years of experience!

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Professionally Brilliant 


Jennifer and Kerrie are professionally brilliant – they are also wonderfully personable and utterly lovely

Client Testimonial

Reassuring, articulate, knowledgeable and effective 


Caroline Swain is extremely professional and has been exactly what I needed to support me.  It is tough to think clearly and make good decisions, but she gained my trust from day one and proved her vast knowledge and experience of family law.  She was reassuring, articulate, knowledgeable and effective.  I am forever grateful to Caroline for everything she has done for me and would not hestiate to recommend or return to her for further advice if needed. 

Legal 500 - 2023

An excellent boutique divorce and family law practice, with a compact but highly experienced team


Legal 500 - 2021

Jennifer Roulston wiped the floor with my ex and got me my house.  I just want to thank her for everything that she did for me and my girls.  I remember walking into her office with absolutely no hope in my heart after going to a different firm and I was practically laughed out of their office.  Jennifer Roulston changed everything for me and I will never forget how amazing she is, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.  THANK YOU


Jennifer changed my whole life.  I will never forget her and how strong and kind she was when I needed her the most”


BPS Family Law practice is Unique

BPS Family Law practice is unique as your case is treated with the upmost professionalism, the advice given is unbiased and tailored to your personal circumstances.  As a client every step of your case is updated and given by emails or calls.  Questions are answered, explanations are in a simple manner and are prompt.   Billing from the firm is competitive.  Invoices are provided with a breakdown of charges and reflect a true representation of work carried out on your case.  With the current world pandemic I feel BPS have adapted their services well to allow for remote working without dropping their professional service to their clients.  


Legal 500 - 2022

Confidence and Professionalism 

Caroline Swain oozes confidence and professionalism from the word go.  Up to date, sympathetic when needed but keeps you grounded to the reality of the process.  I very much doubt any other person could have achieved my outcome, it’s not all about the money, that is discreetly taken care of.   

I will continue to recommend Caroline to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation.  

Legal 500 - 2021

Caroline is like a rottweiler

For me BPS helped me through the worst period of my life. Their approach was not only personable but also professional.
We won my case even when all the odds were against us it also helped that you were working with the guidance of two solicitors.  
Caroline is like a Rottweiler on heat and Harry offers his years of expertise.

I fully endorse BPS and would recommend them to anyone who needs more than a solicitor.  

Client Testimonial

Common Sense and Street Wisdom

A boutique family law team dealing with high value matrimonial finance matters, with a great team led by the brilliant Caroline Swain, who brings a wealth of experience, common sense and street wisdom to everything she does. 


Legal 500 - 2021

Caroline Swain is highly experienced, measured, streetwise and excellent at what she does


Legal 500 - 2022

Massive cheers to you for getting me through all of this.  I nearly caved a few times but you kept me going Jennifer and I have had such a great result in the circumstances

She has been a rock for me

It has been a long road, but we have finally got there!  Caroline Swain has been with me every step of the way. 
Her dedication, help, support, out of hours contact and professional advice is second to non.

From the moment I met Caroline, we hit it off, and throughout these two and a half years of ongoing court cases, we’ve actually been able to laugh through the dark times.  She has been a rock for me throughout my divorce.  I look forward to enjoying the light at the end of the tunnel together with Caroline once my last court case is over.

I would highly recommend Caroline to anyone who needs legal advice.

Client Testimonial

Extremely professional, always on hand

I can not praise Caroline & her team enough for the service and support she has provided me throughout what has been a horrible divorce. 
Caroline is extremely professional in her dealings, and is always on hand to answer any questions I may have (even outside office hours).

The support and advice I have received from her has been invaluable and I would highly recommend her services.

Client Testimonial

Surpassed All Expectations

Caroline understands from the outset that every divorce case and that each and every client is unique in what they want to achieve from such a sad situation. With BPS Law and Caroline’s commitment and availability surpassed all expectations, I found the whole process faultless in what could have been an unbearable time.

Caroline, in simple terms, “gets you” and at the end of the day, your relationship with your Divorce Solicitor, needs be stronger than that of your, now Ex-husband!

Client Testimonial

Above and Beyond

Caroline was recommended to me when I was faced with prospect of divorce, after a thirty years relationship.
It has been a long and painful journey but I have had support from Caroline above and beyond the normal.
Caroline is totally professional and has supported and reassured me through the ongoing process. I have every confidence in her.
Caroline has kept me up to date with fees also , so no hidden extras. I am sure she will achieve a fair outcome for me.

I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone in the same stressful situation.

Client Testimonial

Professional, Compassionate 

DIVORCE is an extremely traumatic experience to go through.

When your world suddenly implodes and the security you had known is threatened by circumstances beyond your control the last thing you need when you are at your most vulnerable is to consult solicitors for advice and reassurance who during this consultation ask for credit card and bank balance details. You are looking for professional advice as normally you do not know which way to turn what you need is someone to reassure you and advise what is the best course of action. I was at my most vulnerable when I stepped into the office of Caroline Swain. Her calm professional approach instantly put me at ease.

We had a thorough consultation and never at any time was I asked for money or bank /credit card details. By the time I left the office I was more optimistic about my dreadful situation and felt I was in safe hands. That day was a major turning point for me during a very painful time. I have extremely high regard for Caroline and her colleagues. I was definitely given access to the best professionals including a first class barrister.

I was never pressurised during the procedure, unlike many others I have spoken to who have been thrust into the same position. I look back and appreciate having instructed an extremely professional, compassionate solicitor whom I would highly recommend and I am delighted to have the opportunity to write this testimonial as a token of my appreciation.

Client Testimonial

Advice and Laughter

I am writing to say a big Thankyou for your services, help and advice during the stressful time of my divorce.  
I have found you to be very professional along with being very easy to approach, you put me at my ease during the court appearances etc.

I would have no hesitation in recommending yourself and BPS law should there ever be a need.
Once again Thankyou for all your help advice and laughter along the way.

Client Testimonial

Delivered the Results

Caroline has looked after me throughout my whole divorce and child custody cases.

Huge thanks to Caroline and BPS Law throughout my complicated case; always supportive, friendly and helpful.
Most importantly, she delivered the results on the day when it mattered.

Client Testimonial

An Incredible Talent

Caroline has the effortless ability to know her opponents next move before they do!  She thinks like a woman but fights like a man remaining ever the professional!

Exactly what I needed.  Simply incredible. 

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