An incredible talent… Caroline has the effortless ability to know her opponents next move before they do! She thinks like a woman but fights like a man remaining ever the professional! Exactly what I need in my circumstances.

An Incredible Talent

Caroline is like a Rottweiler on heat and Harry offers his years of expertise. I fully endorse BPS and would recommend them to anyone who needs more than a solicitor.

Caroline is like a Rottweiler

Caroline is totally professional and has supported and reassured me through the ongoing process. I have every confidence and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone in the same stressful situation.

Totally Professional

Caroline has looked after me throughout my whole divorce and child custody cases. Huge thanks to Caroline and BPS Family Law throughout my complicated case; always supportive, friendly and helpful.

Always supportive, friendly and helpful

‘Caroline Swain is a clever lawyer and I rate her and recommend her.’

'Clever Lawyer'

‘Caroline Swain is highly experienced, measured, streetwise and excellent at what she does.’

‘Highly Experienced’

‘The family law team at BPS is relatively small compared to many of the other firms and its location means it has a more ‘local’ feel. This benefits clients who don’t want to travel into the centre of Manchester. Despite the size and local feel, however, it still undertakes some fairly substantial cases.’

'Local Feel'

Caroline Swain takes advantage of the local feel of the team/firm to offer a very ‘hands-on’ style of case management, which leaves clients feeling reassured that she is on their side.’

'Hands on'

'An excellent boutique divorce and family law practice, with a compact but highly experienced team.’

'Excellent Boutique Divorce'

Divorce Solicitor in Knutsford

We have the compassion and legal expertise to guide families through this turbulent time. Our divorce solicitors are not only experts in their field but are committed to offering a personal service to each and every client.

Matrimonial Finance

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience to advise you about your legal rights to financial support and claims when you separate. This includes your rights to income, property, capital and pensions. Click the title for more information.

Children Disputes

We can help you to regulate any disputes relating to the time your children spend with you following separation and/or key decisions as a parent such as where your child lives geographically, education, religion, medical.  Click the title for more information.

Pre-nuptial Agreements

If you are looking to formally agree what will happen in the event you were to separate then we can both prepare and interpret Pre-Nuptial Agreements.

Variation and Enforcement of Court Orders

We can assist you should you be unable to meet the terms of an Order, or if someone has breached a Court Order to your detriment.  Click the title for more information.

Co-habitation Disputes

It may come as some surprise that cohabitees do not have the same rights as married couples, even if they have cohabited together for many years.  We can inform you of your legal rights.  Click for more information.

Our customers' happiness is what matters to us.

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