Divorce Solicitors in Northwich

Divorce Solicitors in NorthwichTurbulent times can hit any family, and in some cases, you might need to meet with some divorce solicitors in Northwich. If you find yourself in this situation, BPS Family Law is here to help. We have the legal expertise, and the compassionate touch, to help families through these tough times. We offer a personal service to each client, making sure that the best legal advice is paired with a smooth transition where all disputes are settled advantageously for everyone involved.

When going through a divorce in Northwich, divorce solicitors from BPS Family Law can help you with a full range of services. We help our clients handle the complex financial disputes that often occur during a divorce. High net worth financial separation can be incredibly complicated, with company structures, offshore investments, complex family arrangements and trusts, that have to be divided between the two parties involved. We also handle children disputes, pre-nuptial agreements, the enforcement of court orders, co-habitation disputes, inquests, contested probates, and court of protection cases. As you can see, our services cover a wide range of legal situations which might affect a family, whether we’re talking about divorce, the death of a loved one, or inheritance disputes.

Our expert divorce solicitors in Northwich will help you through your divorce using legal expertise that was acquired over the course of 60 years. We have several payment options, including fixed fees, structured payments, and payment at the end of the case. Whatever your grounds for divorce may be, whether it’s adultery, unreasonable behaviour, living apart for 2 years and consenting to a divorce, desertion, or living apart for longer than 5 years. Contact BPS Family Law today if you need a divorce solicitor. The most common grounds for divorce however is unreasonable behavior, which could include behaviour such as emotional abuse, lack of emotional support, financial control, and domestic violence among others. Adultery is also a fairly common grounds for divorce, if it can be proven, or if it is admitted by one of the spouses. Whatever your grounds for divorce, we will be able to make your case in court.