Family Solicitor in Runcorn

Family Solicitor in RuncornIn fairy tales the bride and groom did not need a family solicitor in Runcorn because we all know they lived happily ever after. At BPS Family Law we may not believe in fairy tales but we do believe happily ever after is possible even when the relationship ends. It often takes the help of a knowledgeable solicitor to find that sweet spot for your family out of the chaos. Bringing order out of the chaos is where we excel. Those in the midst of dispute at the end of a relationship may feel they are in a vortex of legal documents, laws, custody agreements and financial statements. We address each issue with level-headed skill, order and experience so our clients get the results to which they are entitled.

How to distribute the gains from the relationship can be tedious. In Runcorn, family solicitors at BPS Family Law address each asset for distribution and make sure your rights are respected. No matter what your partner may have agreed to in private, we don’t rest until it’s in writing. It is one thing to split up money and belongings but when children are involved, wherever possible, we know you want what’s best for them. We will negotiate hard to make sure their best interests are served now and their future secured. The law recognizes marriage and civil unions in Wales and the UK. Some are surprised to discover after many years together cohabitation is not recognised. A few states in the US recognise common law marriages but not here. Still there is a process for dissolution and asset distribution.

As a family solicitor in Runcorn, we are by your side for the duration. The end of a relationship is emotionally and mentally exhausting for those involved. The stress level can be devastating; especially when your own safety or that of your children is involved. You need someone with an understanding of the legalities, negotiating skills and compassion on your side to represent your interests with a clear head. Contact BPS Family Law when you need a family solicitor. Our firm has sixty-five years experience representing families like yours in all areas of family law. Meet with us for a consultation.