Child Solicitor in Alderley

Child Solicitor in AlderleyIt’s to be hoped that during divorce a child solicitor in Alderley will not be necessary to represent the children.At BPS Family Law, we encourage our clients to put all else aside and agree on living arrangements for the children and a plan of shared responsibility. As parents, responsibility for the children falls to both in care and support but also in conveying a sense of security. Most of the time parents can make reasonable arrangements that are best for the children. Occasionally, a mediator is a helpful addition to sort through disputes. The goal is as little disruption in their daily life as possible and there is plenty of proof that both mom and dad are there for them.

Unfortunately, amicable child arrangements are not always possible between parents. For divorcing couples in Alderley, child solicitor services may be needed for the child, a parent of the child or even the grandparents of a child. A volatile divorce sends tidal waves through a family. If one parent insists on sole custody, then the reasons must be explored; those reasons might be nothing more than selfish vindictiveness; more often it is the other parent’s lifestyle, parenting style or financial ability to support the child. When a dispute becomes intense, then the child might need a solicitor to represent him or her before a judge. Sometimes, depending on the child’s age, he or she will be asked with whom they prefer to live.

Grandparents may need a child solicitor in Alderley to force visitation rights with their grandchildren. Paternal grandparents are particularly at risk of being cut out of the child’s life, especially if Mum remarries or has full custody. BPS Family Law is here to help guide our clients through these painful trials. Contact us if you believe your rights to visitation or access to your children or grandchildren have been severed illegally. We know your rights and if they have been violated, we will see them restored under law. Our family law solicitors at BPS bring experience, knowledge, wisdom, a calm