Child Solicitor in Wilmslow

Child Solicitor in WilmslowIf, during divorce, you and your spouse cannot agree on child custody and visitation, a child solicitor in Wilmslow is needed to represent your child. Custody of children is separate from divorce. The purpose of divorce is a dissolution of marriage and division of assets. Ideally the divorcing couple will agree together on sharing parental rights and responsibilities with the best interest of their child in mind. Sometimes, due to a contentious divorce, verbal or physical abuse, or neglect, parents are unable to agree. At that point, the court must intervene and request a child solicitor be hired to represent the best interest and wishes of your child.

The solicitor’s responsibility is to your child alone. In Wilmslow, a child solicitor operates according to the age of the child. For infants and toddlers much information will come from parents, other family members, doctors, neighbours and more. The same is true with older children, however the solicitor will get to know and understand your child and his or her wishes. Teachers and other influential people in their life may be asked for their observations. Your child’s solicitor will present his opinion and the basis for that opinion to the court along with recommendations regarding custody. As with any attorney/client relationship, whatever your child says or any information about the child’s life is privileged information. Anything you say to the solicitor is not protected. He or she represents only your child, not you.

The BPS Family Law staff includes those especially trained as a child solicitor in Wilmslow. If you and your spouse are unable to agree for any reason, contact us. Our solicitor will step in to bring the matter to resolution. Our child solicitors are sensitive and respectful, always assuring the child of the parents love, their own safety and the best resolution. Your child’s wants and needs will be respected. The best solution will be decided by the child’s advocate. Keep in mind that our child solicitors are gentle with your child’s emotions and the older the child the more input the child will have regarding his or her living situation.