Divorce Solicitor in Lymm

Divorce Solicitor in LymmFinding the right divorce solicitor in Lymm is the key to a smooth, affordable and stress free divorce. BPS Family Law has more than six decades’ experience in handling such matters. We have helped hundreds of clients in the Manchester area and beyond. Compassion, discretion and legal expertise lie at the heart of our practice. These are crucial aspects that enable us to help families tide over a time of anxiety, pain and emotional turbulence. Divorce and legal separation affect not just the couple involved, but also their children, jointly-owned businesses and the larger social fabric. Grandparents and the couple’s siblings may also play an emotional role in such events, though they may not have any defined legal status. These are aspects that our experienced, trained legal team can help you with.

Division of assets, shared liabilities, property, pensions, and inheritances have to be listed and full financial disclosure by both parties is required. In Lymm, a divorce solicitor can help the couple deal with such matters in a professional and objective manner. We offer excellent advice and guidance, keeping your interests uppermost. Many clients are wary of approaching a divorce solicitor because they’re concerned about having to pay out a large sum in fees and charges. However, we provide several practical options like structured payment schedules, or payment at the end of proceedings along with our regular fixed fee structure. We provide complete information about our charges so that there are no hidden items or unexpected fees when it comes to final settlement. We help clients take a realistic and practical view of the situation, stay focused on their goals, and be free to express their requirements. A constructive divorce conducted with respect and dignity is our goal.

A divorce solicitor in Lymm at BPS Family Law understands that your future well-being and financial security and that of the children depend on a quick, equitable, hassle-free process. When you need the professional assistance of a divorce solicitor, contact BPS Family Law. Divorce can be an extremely complex matter, even if the relationship between the couple is not acrimonious. At worst, it can become an emotional and financial nightmare if handled by the wrong lawyers.