Divorce Lawyer in Birchwood

Divorce Lawyer in BirchwoodBPS family law is your divorce lawyer in Birchwood. We specialise in delivering quality legal services to all our clients. The process of divorce is usually daunting. Most couples abandon the process due to its complexities. Unfortunately, some situations warrant a divorce and wit the right lawyer, the process can be smooth. We take up the task of following through with the divorce process as you bear the emotional burden it comes with. Divorce has both social, emotional and financial consequences. When children are involved, the undertaking is even more sophisticated.

We have over six decades worth of experience in family law and our solicitors offer world-class services. In Birchwood, a divorce lawyer is the best person to tell you how to proceed with your divorce. The first step in initiating divorce proceedings is to establish grounds for divorce. You must prove to the Court that your marriage is irreparable. Adultery is grounds for divorce. Proving adultery may be difficult unless the spouse admits to it. If you don’t have proof you can base your divorce on unreasonable behaviour. Unreasonable behaviour entails behaviour displayed by your spouse making it reasonably impossible to continue living with them. Moreover, if you have been separated for two years and you both consent to a divorce then the proceedings may start. If you have lived apart for five years you don’t need a consent, all you need is proof that you have been separated or lived apart.

Getting a professional divorce lawyer in Birchwood is the first step to smooth divorce proceedings. At BPS we offer quality service at affordable prices. We offer friendly rates with convenient payment schedules. We have fixed fees, structured payments and payments at the end of your case. Our legal team has the best solicitors in the field. We handle all the legal work so that you don’t have to. Contact us today if you need the services of a divorce lawyer.  We are experts when it comes to divorce. We thoroughly work on your case to get the best outcomes.