Child Solicitor in Cheshire

Child Solicitor in CheshireSafeguard your child’s rights and entitlements with advice and assistance from the leading child solicitor in Cheshire. At BPS Family Law, we are proud of our reputation spanning more than eight decades. We provide top quality services in the areas of divorce, pre-nuptial arrangements, matrimonial finance, disputes involving children and cohabiting partners, enforcement of court orders and injunctions, inquests, contested probates etc. We understand how distressing the breakdown of human relationships can be to all those involved. That is why we adopt a practical, professional approach without compromising our client’s interests. We ensure that our clients’ privacy and confidentiality are respected and every client is treated with the dignity, compassion and respect  they deserve.

For parents in Cheshire, child solicitors are called upon when there are family or parental disputes that involve children. These can be extremely distressing and stressful for all the parties. We can help in matters of making equitable and fair arrangements for children when there is a breakdown of the family structure. Other areas where we can help is with adoptions, protecting child rights, working out arrangements for access, custody and support when parents divorce, protection of children in case of risk or abuse. Our team of highly trained, experienced lawyers and solicitors keep abreast of all the latest regulations and laws in this sector. We also have the sensitivity and experience to deal with children, respect their preferences and understand their needs while representing their best interests.

Child solicitors in Cheshire always encourage parents to come to an agreement between themselves for the sake of their children. This can be challenging, especially when there are fundamental differences regarding parenting, finances and welfare of the child. We adopt a friendly, proactive approach that puts the children and parents at ease to avoid turning a crisis situation into an irrevocably damaging one. For further assistance, contact BPS Family Law. We can also get additional resources and help if required in the form of child psychologists or counsellors to help understand the child’s requirements. We help parents who are in confrontation with each other to put their children’s interests first, whatever the nature of the dispute between them.