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Child Solicitor in Bowdon

Child Solicitor in BowdonIf you need a child solicitor in Bowdon, you should opt for the most experienced – BPS Family Law. With over 60 years dealing with custody and maintenance disputes, you can trust us do the best by you, your ex and most importantly, your children. We not only make sure that every party is happy, we ensure the correct laws have been followed and each party has been given there deserved rights. Child law is a complicated arena and at BPS Family Law we have dedicated ourselves to providing a fair and balanced approach that allows for the freedoms afforded to you under the law.

We feel that in Bowdon, a child solicitor plays a large role in keeping the integrity of disputing parties intact while making provision for the full rights of you and your children. The stressful process of divorce can take its toll on all involved but with our expert legal team, we can help make the whole ordeal a lot more bearable and ultimately fairer. The time when you and your ex-spouse made joint decisions for your little ones may seem like it happened in another life and in many ways, it did. We want to bridge the gap between the people you knew each other as and the people you are now for the betterment of your children.

As the most experienced child solicitor in Bowdon, we are versed in every aspect of family law and have dealt with thousands of cases, not one ever being the same as another. We know that each case is different but our main goal is to help you come to terms with becoming a single parent and ensuring that you have every provision available to you by law. If you need some advice on how to proceed after your divorce, contact BPS Family Law and we will set up an appointment to work out what your next steps should be. You don’t have to feel like you have lost a spouse and a child, let us help you get the custody and maintenance deal you deserve.