Child Solicitor in Stockton Heath

Child Solicitor in Stockton HeathA top-quality child solicitor in Stockton Heath can ensure that children are not affected by issues that adults face. Children are precious and vulnerable at this age. Any disruption in their lives can have a negative impact on their sense of security and emotional well-being. Divorce or separation, however amicable, does pose a challenge for the young mind. This is the main concern of parents and families when relationships break down. At BPS Family Law, our highly trained, experienced and knowledgeable team can give you the right advice and assistance. Our well-researched articles (featured on our website) like the Beginner’s Guide To Divorce aim to make these situations as simple, easy and quick as possible.

If you and your spouse are planning on separating in Stockton Heath, child solicitors can be of immense help regarding child rights, disputes and arriving at a fair and comprehensive agreement. Division of matrimonial assets, financial disclosure, equitable sharing of debt and each partner’s individual responsibility, childcare, support, access and custody, and spousal support are issues that can become huge sticking points if they’re not handled with a calm, objective, professional, fair perspective.  Divorces usually happen for one of five main reasons: one of the parties has behaved unreasonably, there has been a more than two-year separation and divorce is by mutual consent, or five years where no consent is needed, or adultery was committed, or one partner deserted the other for two years or more. In many cases, financial matters can be settled without having to go to court. When both parties arrive at a mutually agreed upon settlement, our solicitors can draw up a Consent Order that can be signed and passed by a judge.

Our compassionate and experienced child solicitors in Stockton Heath try to achieve the best possible outcome for your child, to ensure their psychological well-being and safety. If you need the assistance of a child solicitor, contact BPS Family Law. In some cases, matters may take a serious turn, with a parent abducting the child and moving them out of the country. In other instances, where domestic abuse of a physical, financial or emotional nature is involved, we have extensive experience in working with families where violence has been the unfortunate reason for divorce.