Divorce Lawyer in Hale

Divorce Lawyer in HaleWhen seeking a divorce lawyer in Hale, consider BPS Family Law. Our 60 years of experience in divorce law is practical experience in an area where no two divorce cases are exactly the same. Personal service is always extended to our clients during what may be the most difficult time in their life. We feel compassion for our client’s pain which is why we are relentless in representing their best interests. Ideally, a divorce is amicable and both parties would be agreeable to terms and move on. Sometimes that happens and as divorce lawyers we attend to the legalities of the dissolution of marriage and the separation of finances. Unfortunately, not all divorces are agreeable and we must utilise to the highest degree our experience of human behaviour, knowledge of the laws and powerful negotiation skills. We want you to know that we are ready for any eventuality.

Your grounds for divorce must be acceptable to the court and our divorce lawyers can help you with that decision. In Hale, divorce lawyer demeanour is critical. You may be justifiably overcome with righteous indignation but as your lawyer, we feel your pain but keep a cool confident head. Adultery and/or desertion may be applicable in your case but unless your spouse is willing to agree to the grounds, proof of such behaviour can be difficult to secure. Unreasonable Behaviour is the most common ground for divorce because it also can incorporate adultery and desertion under that umbrella in the form of emotional abuse, lack of emotional support or financial control. Child custody, financial support and the division of property must be skilfully negotiated. We will fight to make sure your best interests are served.

You need a divorce lawyer in Hale at the same time your whole life is up in the air along with your finances. We want to put your mind at ease. We have options available for our clients such as structured payments, a fixed fee and even payment at the conclusion of your case. Contact us for a consultation even if you are just considering divorce at this time. It’s often best to seek legal counsel so you know your options before you make a decision. We want to serve your best interests and we can do that best when you are fully informed of your rights and the obstacles to be overcome.