Do You Need an Expert Divorce Solicitor in Cheshire?

Divorce Solicitor in CheshireWhen you need an expert divorce solicitor in Cheshire, contact BPS Family Law. As a highly regarded firm, we are known for offering sound legal advice relating to family matters. All our solicitors are skilled and experienced in handling challenging cases relating to the range of different family situations. These include preparing pre-nuptial agreements to settling disputes involving individuals, families or large firms. Every case that we work with is viewed with a professional, thorough and compassionate approach to ensure the best possible outcome for the client. We respect every client’s privacy and confidentiality, a reputation that we’ve earned over the 70 years we’ve been in practice.

For our clients in Cheshire, a divorce solicitor is equipped with the expertise and experience to deal with most divorce issues. We help our clients through this challenging time with confidence, thoroughness, and sensitivity. Our divorce solicitor will assist by providing counsel on aspects such as grounds for filing for divorce, building up the case for the hearing, collecting relevant information with patience and understanding. We will also explain the pros and cons of the situation, as well as covering all legal aspects for the client’s benefit. Our team can assist with disputes related to child custody and alimony settlements. Other specialised matters that our legal experts deal with include rights and responsibility awareness for parents and cases of child abduction.

A divorce Solicitor in Cheshire from our team can also assist with cases where injunctions are to be procured. Relating to family law, an injunction can be inserted only in one of two cases. This would include if there is misappropriation of joint fund or if there is a threat to human life. These injunctions are vital to prevent future damage or danger to a person’s well-being. Financial disclosures are our specialties where we arrange for the required documentation to be compiled to ensure fair division of wealth and properties of the aggrieved parties. When you need the assistance of a divorce lawyer, contact BPS Family Law. Our other specialised services include advice and assistance with Grandparents Rights, civil partnerships, pre-nuptial agreements and enforcement of court orders, child custody or access and support issues, and wills and testaments.