When You Need Assistance, Reach Out to a Child Solicitor in Hale Barns

Child Solicitor in Hale BarnsBPS Family Law provides representation as a child solicitor in Hale Barns. Our specialty is family law. Sometimes that means advocating for children when the adults in their life reach an impasse or have a conflict of interest. Emotions may run high and cloud their judgement. That’s when an impartial third party can be of service to the family as a whole by representing the best interest of the child. Sometimes, families will hire us to speak for their child and other times a judge will appoint us to fill that role. However it comes to pass, a few things must be made very clear to all involved. We are compassionate but not emotional. We do not take sides in disputes. Our focus is on the big picture and how the best interests of the child will best be served. We speak for the child and no one else.

There are many subsections to family law but it is as child solicitors that we are most humbled. In Hale Barns, we bring generations of humility, experience and wisdom to this very serious task. We’re not always popular with other family members but we do stay focused on the rights of the child as provided by law. There are many happy moments such as when a family adopts a child into their home. We advocate for the child and it is gratifying to be part of that. Other times we play a part in securing the rights of a child to have a relationship with grandparents after parents’ divorce. We listen to the child and older children can be very forthcoming regarding what matters to them.

As a child solicitor in Hale Barns, we are naturally involved occasionally in heart-breaking situations. At these times we draw on all our knowledge of the law, of the child, our own experience, history and the experience of child experts. Only then do we formulate a recommendation for the Judge that we are certain is in the child’s best interest. We may face opposition but we’ve done our due diligence and therefore we stand our ground with confidence. Contact BPS Family Law if your child or another needs a professional to advocate for them in the courts. We want to meet your child and help to bring about their best possible outcome.