Family Solicitor in Lymm, Professional Assistance When You Need it

Family Solicitor in LymmFamily life can get messy requiring a family solicitor in Lymm to help sort it all out. We’re pleased to offer our professional services to assist you in reaching a resolution. Our divorce solicitors are highly experienced and well regarded among clients and peers. It’s our job to represent your interests during a divorce and we take that very seriously. However, there are other family discords that are not resolved by divorce but are directly affected by the dissolution of a marriage. Divorce is not always between two people. The repercussions are often felt by children and extended family members. Divorce is also about making sure opposing parties are safe. It’s about being open and honest about assets.

We have a team of compassionate and expert family lawyers on our staff. In Lymm, family solicitor will represent your interests before the court regarding disclosure of assets.  You are entitled to your fair share and if a spouse hides assets it is a criminal act. Likewise, we will help you prepare your financial disclosure so it’s completely accurate and no fault can be found with it. Any threat to remove jointly owned funds or property before a settlement is reached will result in our filing an injunction to prevent that action. We make sure you are being fairly treated by the opposition. Child custody is not determined by a divorce. We have attorneys on staff who specialise, very successfully, in resolving custody before the court. We have child solicitors to represent the child’s best interest.

Grandparents, you may need a family solicitor in Lymm to secure your legal and valid right to see your grandchildren. After a divorce, you may need a court order to claim those rights. This may also arise if your married child dies and the living spouse moves on with the children and refuses visits. It may be that it’s just inconvenient but still, we have experienced attorneys on hand to represent your rights by law to be part of those grandchildren’s lives. Another of our services, a prenuptial agreement, can help resolve a lot of divorce issues before the fact. Contact BPS Family Law to arrange a consultation regarding your family legal issues. We’ll advise you at the outset of what your rights are and what they are not. We advise you of realistic expectations