Child Solicitor in Higher Walton Helps Protect Your Child’s Rights

Child Solicitor in Higher Walton amProtect your minor children’s rights with help from an experienced child solicitor in Higher Walton.  We offer top quality advice, assistance and advocacy on a comprehensive range of family issues. These include matrimonial finance and disputes, divorce, children’s rights, custody issues, and enforcement of court orders. Our highly qualified, experienced and reputed team can help you negotiate the most sensitive transitions in life. Of these, those involving children can be the most distressing. They’re difficult for all the parties concerned. We bring immense care, compassion and confidentiality into these matters. Thus we ensure that your child’s rights are prioritised. We help secure their safety and doing what’s best for them.

For our clients in Higher Walton, child solicitor can help parents to put their own issues aside while putting their children’s needs first. Certain issues can become extremely contentious. This leads to unnecessary acrimony and ill feeling. Disputes about child maintenance, custody and support, parental guidance between the parents are not easy to resolve. Especially when there’s anger and resentment on both sides. Unfortunately, many issues regarding children are approached by disputing parents in a spirit of revenge. This ultimately benefits neither them nor the children.

The best child solicitor in Higher Walton encourages parents to work out their own solutions for their children. This is because no one knows your family situation better than you. We are here to provide the legal aspects and ensure that the child’s interests are represented well. Since 2014, children from the age of ten are able to be seen and heard in all family court hearings in England and Wales. They have a right to be involved in situations where matters regarding their future and decisions that impact them are discussed and finalised. Contact BPS Family Law for the best guidance. Thus, our priorities are the same as yours – namely doing what’s best for your child according to her/his wishes and feelings, educational and emotional needs, and risk of harm.