Child Solicitor in Timperley – Expert Help at a Trying Time

Child Solicitor in TimperleyA professional child solicitor in Timperley is available to assist you during a trying time. The interests of your children are of the most importance. Ensuring the protection of their rights and well-being is as important. In addition, the arrangements for the care, financial support and custody of the children are essential. If you and your spouse are finding it challenging to reach the right decision for your children, our child solicitor can assist. As such, we have the experience and compassion to ensure the best outcomes for the children. Furthermore, we also understand that this is a highly emotive time for all.

We aim to provide the best service possible. Thus, in Timperley, our child solicitor has many years of experience in dealing with disputes involving children. As such, we recognise the need to deal with children sensitively. Ideally, the parents will put aside their personal animosity and co-parent their child with as little disruption as possible. Unfortunately, that is not always possible and a child solicitor is necessary to protect the rights of the child. There are many issues that may arise during separation and after a divorce regarding the rights of children or one parent. At these times you need a compassionate advocate reminding you of your rights, the laws that are protecting you and your children and ensuring that violations are brought to the attention of the courts.

A child solicitor in Timperley can assist with the planning of child support and maintenance, as well as custody arrangements. Hence, our child solicitor will assist in achieving the best result for your children and you, sensitively and quickly. Child maintenance is typically from the parent who does not have most of the day-to-day care of the children to the parent who does. Ideally, this could be amicably arranged between the parents, but in cases where this does not happen, our child solicitor will assist in achieving what is in the best interest of the children. For assistance and guidance from a compassionate child solicitor, contact BPS Family Law. Practising family law since 1948, our experienced child solicitors can assist you and your child during a turbulent time.