Expert Divorce Solicitor in Grappenhall Protects Your Rights

Divorce Solicitor in Grappenhall Our empathetic, knowledgeable divorce solicitor in Grappenhall can ensure that your rights are protected. Any divorce, no matter how amicable, can be a stressful experience for all. At such times, when emotions run high, it’s possible that you may miss certain aspects of your financial and future security. If there are dual business interests, property and children, it’s important to have a fair division. Many couples want the final separation to happen as quickly as possible due to abuse, or lack of bond with the spouse. Unfortunately, in such situations, it’s possible that there is an unfair division of assets. Complex assets may be difficult to value. If you have joint debts during the marriage, there must be a fair division.

For clients in Grappenhall, our divorce solicitor can help you with financial disclosure. All assets and liabilities of both partners have to be clearly put on the table. Hiding such information is fraudulent. Some unscrupulous spouses may make huge withdrawals from the joint account, or even clean it out. We can help you in such situations if you consult us early on in the divorce process. We also help to enforce court orders. In some cases, a former spouse fails to adhere to the maintenance payment schedule. This could put you and your dependent children (if you have custody) in serious financial trouble. Courts can issue orders to enforce these payments and we can assist you with the right legal advice.

Our divorce solicitor in Grappenhall can ensure that present and future child support payments are taken into account. While considering these, it’s important to consider the long-term implications. Though some couples consider working out a DIY divorce without legal help, this is seldom a good idea. The process has complications and comprises several legal and financial processes. Unless these steps are completed properly, you may find it difficult to move ahead with your life. Contact BPS Family today if you need the assistance of a divorce solicitor. We advocate for you, our client, and ensure that your personal and financial goals are put on the table during negotiations. If talks break down, as a last resort, we can take the case to trial.