Experienced Divorce Lawyer in Chelford can Assist at a Troubling Time

Divorce Lawyer in Chelford A divorce lawyer in Chelford can help ensure that your divorce runs smoothly. There are plenty of reasons why a couple would seek a divorce, some of them amiable, some of them not. Both parties can be in agreement that a divorce is better for everyone, or one partner may disagree or resist the process. If there are children or shared finances or ownership of property and valuables, a divorce can begin to seem more and more complicated. If either party feels that they deserve more out of a divorce, an attorney needs to step in to help resolve the dispute so that everybody benefits fairly.

For couples wishing to separate in Chelford, our divorce lawyer provides a comprehensive, reliable and affordable service. We can provide advice and assistance throughout the divorce process, and mediate any disputes that may occur. The first step is to send a petition of divorce to the court. In this petition you need to provide one of five grounds for divorce; namely, the proof of the reason why the marriage has irretrievably broken down. We can advise on which of the five grounds is most applicable, and how to provide the appropriate proof.

If you need legal advice during your divorce, a divorce lawyer in Chelford can be a tremendous relief. As such, we have over 60 years of experience in family law. Hence, we commit to providing professional and compassionate legal services to all. We understand that this can be a turbulent and traumatic time for everyone involved. Thus, we aim to help ease the process to make it as accommodating and fluid as possible. Contact BPS Family Law for a divorce lawyer. We can offer a number of payment options, as well as a flexible and tailored service to ensure that together we can achieve the best possible outcome for your case.