Experienced Child Solicitor in Croft can Assist

Child Solicitor in Croft Rely on our experienced child solicitor in Croft to protect your children’s interests. When there is a crisis in the family, a child is usually the most vulnerable person in such situations. They are helpless and may be caught in the midst of unpleasant circumstances. Though children have extra protections in the UK from birth till the age of 18, there is often a gulf between what happens in real life and what’s on paper. Children are by their very nature, dependent on adults for their existence. Though the law provides several important rights to children, very few adults know about them. When there is a breakdown in family relationships, children often become the target for adults to work out their own agendas.

We offer, in Croft, child solicitor services that ensure that your child remains safe and comfortable. We understand that whatever the dispute between parents, their main concern would be the safety and happiness of their children. Many important questions arise during a separation or divorce. Child support, custody, access and other such major issues have to be clearly defined and legally enforced. As a single parent you will have to take important decisions by yourself without the support of the other parent. If grandparents are involved in the child’s life, it’s important that their rights and responsibilities be protected as well. With more than sixty years’ experience in the realm of family law, we are uniquely equipped to deal with these matters. Our focus remains on ensuring that the legal process remains smooth and sensitive.

Our professionally qualified child solicitor in Croft keeps your child’s interests firmly in focus. If the arrangements cannot be decided amicably between the parents, decisions will have to be made in court. We can help you with negotiations, and if talks don’t work out, we can represent you at the trial. Contact BPS Family Law for assistance today. If your child is old enough to express themselves, the court will certainly take their opinions into consideration. We can help to make this process comfortable for children, so that their best interests are served.