Divorce settlements can be heard again in court if your partner lied about their finances


Do you believe that your ex-husband or ex-wife did not disclose their true financial position during your divorce proceedings? Our outstanding legal team has a wealth of experience in this area of law.

Yesterday, the Supreme Court redefined the law where one party to a marriage or a civil partnership has failed to make full and frank disclosure of their assets following the judgements in the high profile cases of Gohil and Sharland.

Sally Harrison QC and Samantha Hillas from St John’s Buildings, both of whom have regularly formed part of our strong legal team at BPS Law for a number of years, successfully represented Varsha Gohil in her appeal to the Supreme Court, highlighting their strength as advocates in divorce proceedings.

If you believe that you are in similar situation and your ex-spouse is living a lifestyle which is not representative of his or her disclosed income either to you or to the Court at the time of your separation then we have a formidable legal team who will assist you.

The Judgement both in this case and the case of Mrs Sharland strengthens the Court’s ability to enforce the duty of spouses to be fully transparent about their assets, income, business interest and overall financial position at the time of separation.

The law extends not only to divorce proceedings but to spouses who are have entered into pre-nuptial agreements and separation agreements.

The need to tell your spouse your precise financially position has never been greater. The ability to re-open a settlement if one person has failed to do so has been highlighted extensively by these recent judgements.

Also, there is no time limit. So no matter how long ago you were divorced if you feel that your spouse failed to tell you everything at that time then we can advise you as to your rights and the options available to you.

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