Family Lawyer in Knutsford

Family Lawyer in KnutsfordAlmost everyone needs a family lawyer in Knutsford at one time or another. Some life situations call for an immediate decision. The wisest move is often knowing who to call and doing it. At BPS Family Law we have been the first call for families for over sixty-five years. We have been privileged to serve multiple generations of family members. Life can be messy. To avoid messes, it is becoming more common for couples to request a prenuptial agreement. Even romantics can be realists. They see the devastation friends and family members have suffered and know it happens in the best of families. Promises to honour until death do we part are precious and sincere. However, when life gets messy, those promises cannot be legally enforced. A prenuptial agreement drawn up by a member of BPS Family Law can be enforced.

When the final wishes of an individual are spelt out in a legally binding Last Will and Testament there may or may not be a reason to contest it. Whichever side you are on in Knutsford, a family lawyer at BPS Family Law can test your claim. The takeaway regarding wills is to review and update it regularly because the one you made 50 years ago does not match your wishes today. Our lives are governed by laws and you want those laws to work for you not against you. Put everything in writing even the agreement for a family member’s loan or the rental agreement for your nephew. We instinctively feel that if its family, a verbal is sufficient. Common sense will tell you that because it’s family a verbal agreement is not sufficient.

In some situations, a family lawyer in Knutsford is called upon to advocate for a child. The purpose is to ensure the best interests and the preferences of a child are represented at all times. If a family is going through troubling times, the needs of a child can get lost. They have a right to be heard and BPS Family Law is here to make sure that happens. A well-handled divorce does not have to end with children being collateral damage. We have compassionate attorneys in our firm skilled at providing a voice for your child. Call us at BPS Family Law and let’s discuss the best course of action to deal with your current life event and the possible legal ramifications for you and your family.