Family Law Solicitor in Frodsham

Family Law Solicitor in FrodshamA family law solicitor in Frodsham can help you with any legal problems. These can range from pre-nuptial agreements to civil partnerships or divorce. It sounds cynical to talk about divorce when you are getting married but considering the number of marriages that end in divorce, it is practical. Once you have tried all the counselling and discussed the various options and nothing has worked, then divorce may be the only answer. This can be very complicated and can lead to much bitterness by both parties. The intricate financial details need to be traced and tracked and pensions and trusts need to be considered.  This would be a mine field for many people but our experts can untangle even the most complex arrangements and come to a fair solution.

When things go wrong in Frodsham, a family law solicitor is there to help you make sense out of the chaos. After agreements have been reached the important part of the divorce becomes apparent. The children. Who gets to keep them and where? How much child support need to be paid and by which parent?  It is not necessarily the father that pays child support.  The couple need to put in equal amounts to ensure the children have the best care and education.  There are also visitation rights and holiday visits. Our experts will deal fairly with both parties to ensure the children are cared for.

A family law solicitor in Frodsham can sort out any family legal trouble. Contact BPS Family Law today and arrange a meeting with one of our solicitors. We do not only deal with married people. There are an increasing number of people who do not get married but live together as man and wife and have, in most cases, the same rights as a married couple. This is not something that one thinks about until things go wrong. Rest assured we have experts on all legal aspects of co-habitation disputes as well. With over 60 years of experience we have an enviable reputation in family law.