Family Law Solicitor in Culcheth

Family Law Solicitor in CulchethYou may want to hire the most reliable family law solicitor in Culcheth if  you’re going through a divorce, or a serious legal matter within the family. Family law covers many aspects of family issues such as divorce, matrimonial finance, contested probates, inquests, cohabitation disputes and children disputes. At BPS Family Law, we have been in business since 1948, so you can rest assured that we have the experience needed to provide the right advice and support in this emotionally pressured time.

If you are having a legal dispute within the family in Culcheth, family law solicitor BPS is just a phone call away. Going through a divorce is a major life stressor, but with the right guidance the process can go by without too much pain. A divorce consists of the legal separation itself, which is fairly straightforward, and in many cases, it does not even require a court appearance. Then you have the financial aspect of the separation. Here you will have to split things like possession of the home, savings and pensions. These are usually split in the middle, 50/50, but there are cases in which some contentions may arise.

If this sounds complicated so far, call our family law solicitor in Culcheth with your questions. After the finances are dealt with, you will have to make arrangements for the children. Here, the court will decide who the children live with and the visitation rights of the other parent. A divorce usually takes about 6 months if the grounds for the divorce are not contested. However, if there are financial disputes, then the process can take much longer. The full length of a divorce is determined by multiple factors, and the procedure can get quite complex in some cases. If you need the assistance of a family law solicitor, contact BPS Family Law. With the right lawyer on your side, you can ensure that your interests will be represented strongly in court, and that you will not have to deal with the consequences of a bad divorce for years to come.