Family Lawyer in Stockton Heath

Family Lawyer in Stockton HeathThere are many reasons you may need a family Lawyer in Stockton Heath, and one of which is divorce. If you find yourself in a situation where you need a lawyer then you want to have the best lawyer available. You may have an elderly parent who can no longer manage their finances or look after themselves properly. It may be time for one of the family to take over the management of their day to day business. We can assist in getting a Power of Attorney drawn up to allow you to protect your elderly family member. If they have lost their mental capacity we can apply to the Court of Protection to enable you to care for them.

If you are going through a family crisis in Stockton Heath, family lawyer expertise can make sure you get through it without too much stress. We are especially concerned with taking care of children’s rights during a divorce. It is unfortunate that the children are often forgotten when the parents decide to separate and this is the time when they need their parents most. We will make sure that the children’s welfare and financial needs are met so that they can carry on with life as it was before the divorce.

We offer the services of a specialist family lawyer in Stockton Heath. Contact BPS Family Law today to book an appointment with one of our highly qualified and experienced lawyers. For over 60 years we have taken care of the legal issues in our area and are proud to be known as one of the best legal services around. We specialise in family law services like co-habitation disputes. Just because you never married your partner does not mean you have no rights. If you are planning on getting married the responsible thing to do is have a pre-nuptial agreement drawn up. This will protect both you and your future spouse from bitter recrimination should you ever decide to part. It may seem cynical but it will lessen the fighting during a divorce or separation.