Looking for a Child Solicitor in Prestbury?

Looking for a Child solicitor in Prestbury?Are you looking for a child solicitor in Prestbury? When going through a divorce as a parent, children always come into consideration. It’s not something that’s pleasant or preferable, but it is something that must be settled as part of the legal proceedings. BPS Family Law is there to help during this process. It all starts with a clarification regarding the rights and responsibilities you have as a parent from a legal perspective. This is a particularly important topic to touch on during a divorce, because we live in a time when children disputes are much more contentious.

For families in Prestbury, looking for a child solicitor does not take long. BPS Family Law offers guidance and counseling during child disputes. It is important during this time that you talk to your children about the situation and that you assist them with adjusting to their new lifestyle. Having dealt with numerous child dispute cases, we are able to help. There are also other legal situations in which you might need a child solicitor, such as adoption cases, or in more extreme situations, even cases of abduction. We have over 65 years of experience and is able to guide you through any legal situation.

So if you are looking for a child solicitor in Prestbury, give BPS Family Law a call. We also specialise in a variety of other services, including cases that involve adultery, cohabitation agreements, contact disputes, desertion, domestic abuse, financial settlements and disclosures, freezing injunctions, guardian rights, pre-nuptial agreements, and others. Guardian rights are also a part of family law which involves children. When a married couple goes through a divorce, the grandparents might lose contact with their grandchildren. In fact, research has shown that about 40% of grandparents lose contact with their grandchildren after a divorce. This can be addressed through the judicial system, and grandparents have a legal recourse if they want to establish contact again with their loved ones. BPS Family Law can provide the expert legal advice needed to convince the court.