Divorce Lawyer in Altrincham

Divorce Lawyer in AltrinchamIn need of a divorce lawyer in Altrincham? BPS Family Law has the experience and compassion to see you through the legalities. However, they also have the nerve, boldness, tenacity and even the temerity to handle the unexpected twists that may occur during a divorce. For instance, you and your spouse seem to agree regarding the terms of your divorce including division of assets and shared child custody. Once both parties are living apart and negotiations begin, either or both parties may have second thoughts. One spouse wants to keep the house and pay less than value to the other spouse; the car he said he didn’t want he now does; the furnishings she said she didn’t want she wants now; one feels entitled to a greater share of investments while another decides the custody agreement is lopsided.

When emotions run high and spouses are finding the transition path from married to single is thorny, you want cool heads representing you. In Altrincham, a divorce lawyer can assist. Perhaps your spouse made promises he or she never intended to keep so you would agree to divorce. Perhaps a friend has planted greedy seeds. All these things and worse occur during divorce and sometimes threats are made. When this happens to you, who do you want on your side? Not a tax or estate attorney, no matter how skilled. You want your representative to have weathered the trenches many times in all kinds of weather under fire from all sides and emerged a winner. At BPS Family Law, nothing surprises us; we almost always see it coming and we know how to handle it.

As a divorce lawyer in Altrincham, we use the tools of law along with our diplomatic and negotiating skills to reach an agreement and proceed with divorce action. If there are fifteen points of contention, we will dispassionately negotiate each point on your behalf. Our firm has an 80 year history to draw upon. Contact us with your divorce questions or schedule an appointment at one of our three locations for a consultation. Our divorce attorneys will guide you into wise choices in your best interest. We can counsel you regarding realistic expectations. In extreme cases, we will secure your safety by legal means. Fortunately, most of our clients divorce actions are uneventful because we are prepared.