Child Solicitor in Croft

Child Solicitor in CroftDivorce is not always limited to representation being catered for the two disputing parties, as a child solicitor in Croft is sometimes required. Unlike division of assets, settling on child custody and visitations can be a whole other matter altogether if there are children at all. Although some discussions can be settled without having the court involved, some of them don’t quite pan out as such. This would be in the case of a particularly vehement separation or divorce. Some couples can get so caught up in the dispute and resolve to verbal or even physical abuse, which can impact heavily on the child or children. This is where a child solicitor comes in. They are present in order to represent the child and relay their true wishes.

Just as lawyers represent you in a case, in Croft,  a child solicitor is responsible for your child alone. This means that anything a child will disclose to him or her is confidential. Certain factors are taken into consideration while choosing a solicitor. The most important one is the child’s age. Infants and small children are not able to express their wishes as well as older children. In such instances, testimonies from other relatives who have a close relationship with them, like grandparents, uncles or aunts, will be used to decide which parent will be the better sole custodian. For the older children, information from their school head teachers and neighbours will be compared to their own wishes for a more thorough understanding. Child solicitors will handle your children’s desires although the court will look into other areas that can affect the final decision. This includes the ability of each parent to meet the children’s needs financially, physically and even emotionally.

Should you be in need of a child solicitor in Croft, look no further than BPS Family Law. Contact us today and let our child solicitor help you resolve the matter that will benefit all the concerned parties, especially your child. Our solicitor will represent your child through the whole process for his or her peace of mind and comfort.