Divorce Lawyer in Wilmslow

Divorce Lawyer in WilmslowNobody concludes that his or her course of marriage might end up needing a divorce lawyer in Wilmslow. The UK Office for National Statistics stated that the estimated percentage of marriages ending in divorce for the year 2016 was 42% and around half of them were expected to occur within the first 10 years of marriage. With such high rates and them only being in the climb, you’ll need to be represented only by the best, if it ever comes to that. At BPS Family Law, you’ll be getting services that are above the rest. With 80 years of experience in the business, we always put our customer’s needs first and provide advice that is beneficial to them.

There are a number of scenarios that may require you and your spouse to call it quits, either mutually or on-sided. In Wilmslow, divorce lawyer will help you understand that you can only apply for a divorce if you’ve been married for at least one year. You must prove to the courts that your marriage has indeed broken down. This could be because of adultery performed either by you or your spouse, with the guilty party confessing to it out rightly, as it can be difficult to prove. It could also be due to unreasonable behavior such as lack of emotional support, physical abuse or any other behavior that makes you believe you cannot continue to live with him or her anymore. If you have lived apart for two years and both consent to a divorce, you can use the first ground and do so. If you’ve lived apart for five years, you do not require that consent, just evidence that you’ve done so. Another ground for divorce is desertion.

This can be a difficult time in your life and you’ll need your divorce lawyer in Wilmslow to make the process easier. Contact BPS Family Law for representation that will not only get you through the process, but also provide support all through at a professional manner.