Family Solicitor in Croft

Family Solicitor in CroftIdeally, you have a family solicitor in Croft to advocate for you during some of life’s most heart wrenching seasons. If not, you may find yourself needlessly floundering during a crisis even though there are laws to protect you. BPS Family Law is our team of seasoned professionals specialising in all areas of family law. We have four locations from which we serve the interests of our clients as they confront life changing legal hurdles. Without timely legal representation you could abdicate rights you assume are inviolate. We sometimes feel like we have seen it all at BPS Family Law but of course each situation has unexpected differences that serve to expand our expertise and our compassion.

Our compassion for our clients’ dilemma is real. It is a side effect in Croft,  family solicitors at BPS find unavoidable. However, we always remain the cool head that prevails during emotionally charged legal battles relating to divorce, visitation rights, financial disputes, child advocacy and property disagreements. We are diplomatic and always seeking common ground to reach a resolution. When that can’t be done we take your case before a judge so your side is clearly presented and heard. Divorce has a ripple effect on the families of couples after dissolution of marriage. The relationship between grandparents and grandchildren may be lost in the dispute. But grandparents and grandchildren have rights and we are here to protect that important relationship.

One group that is often under represented by a family solicitor in Croft are partners who have lived together sharing finances, children and property. They too are a family protected by cohabitation laws. However, they may be unaware of their rights during and after the dissolution of their relationship. Contact BPS Family Law and schedule a consultation when you sense legal proceedings may be necessary. We’ll advise you of your rights under the law, ask what outcome you desire and come to an agreement as to how to proceed from there. Our solicitors recognise this is new territory for most clients. We are patient, explain each step of the process and give you the time to answer all your questions.