Divorce Lawyer in Broomedge

Divorce Lawyer in BroomedgeWhen you decide the time has come to consult with a divorce lawyer in Broomedge, call us at BPS Family Law. A member of our firm, Caroline Swain is a highly recommended lawyer recognised as one of the UK’s Legal 500. Besides being dedicated, hardworking and brilliant in her knowledge and experience in family law Ms Swain has the personal attributes so critical when dealing with divorce. Divorce should not be presented as a legal war between two opposing solicitors, one of whom wins the day and brags about success in adverts. It is not a field for grandstanding. However if you want a lawyer with an impressive success record look to Caroline’s calm and sensible approach conducted with compassion.

Such dignified professionalism does not preclude Caroline Swain’s steely determination to represent the best interests of her clients and secure for them an excellent outcome. In Broomedge, divorce lawyer competition and contentiousness serves only to escalate the anxiety and stress level already being experienced by the client. You will be proud to have her cool calm demeanor steadily persevering on your behalf. Not all divorces are contentious; some to the point of being almost a non-event. If that’s your situation, you still need a conscientious divorce lawyer to make sure everything is done right with no unpleasant surprises.

Your divorce lawyer in Broomedge should be someone you are comfortable working alongside for the duration. Dissolution of marriage can take twelve to eighteen months to complete with all the details wrapped up. A good working relationship is important so contact BPS Family Law and schedule a consultation. You will have a better understanding of what to expect once a petition for divorce is initiated. Your divorce lawyer will get to know you, your circumstances and what you hope to gain to secure your future. She needs to know what matters most to you and what you care the least about because compromise and division of property are the platforms from which she will be negotiating on your behalf. Our team of solicitors at BPS Family law undertake all legal disputes including child law, civil partnerships, prenuptial agreements, grandparent’s rights and more.