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Divorce Lawyer in Bowdon

Divorce Lawyer in BowdonOccasionally clients wonder why they need a divorce lawyer in Bowdon when both partners are in agreement and there are no children?  It’s a good question because, after all, you didn’t need one to get married. When couples are getting married they’re in love and their focus is on their personal commitment to each other not. However, while you are focusing on your guests and upcoming honeymoon, your marriage has set in motion a legal contract which is recorded, bringing it under the umbrella of certain government enforced laws. The laws dictate the conditions under which either spouse can seek to dissolve the contract. That too is a legal process and the outcome is binding on both parties.

For instance, you can’t marry anybody else, and belongings bought while married belong to both of you. In Bowdon, divorce lawyer may be needed when one spouse violates their vows. There may be relationships outside of marriage, abusive behaviour, money from joint accounts squandered and more. The other spouse can file for a dissolution of marriage. They want out of this contract and the only way to legally get rid of any rights that spouse has over them and their property is divorce. Dissolution of marriage may be a short legal process when divorce is not contested by either spouse and distribution of assets is already agreed to.

However, you still need a divorce lawyer in Bowdon to petition the court for divorce. It becomes the responsibility of the divorce lawyer to prepare and execute what is often a voluminous amount of legal documents. The documentation must be accurate, timely and approved by the court. Once done, the petition for divorce is granted if there is sufficient cause. Contentious divorces and those that involve complex financial distributions can take a long time to reach settlement and that increases the cost. But even though your divorce is simple and uncontested, a skilled professional divorce lawyer is still needed to deal with the legal paperwork. Contact BPS Family Law if you need a divorce lawyer. Our firm has been established for 80 years and our high ranking divorce lawyers are compassionate and experienced. Our professional goal is always the best interest of our clients.