Child Solicitor in Lymm

Child Solicitor in LymmAt BPS Family Law, we pride ourselves in being a trusted child solicitor in Lymm and the surrounding areas. Our firm has over 60 years dealing with the many facets of family law and we have helped many clients overcome the stressful process of child support and maintenance disputes that arise from divorces and breakups. We take each case on an individual basis and will endeavour to ensure all parties are happy with the outcome. Our main prerogative is to make sure all relevant laws are abided by and everyone is treated with the respect they deserve. A parting is hard on everyone involved, especially the children so we will make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

For families in Lymm, child solicitor services need to take into consideration each person’s claim in regards to the rights afforded them by law and make sure each individual has due process and care taken for their requirements. The feeling of fairness in decisions between partners may feel like a far distant memory and feelings of animosity can take hold over this stressful period in your life. Those emotions can be set aside with proper counselling from our specialist team at BPS Family Law and clarity will ultimately prevail. The main victims of a divorce or separation are the children and any negativity around this upheaval often feels to them as if it falls squarely on their shoulders. Our vast experience and knowledge in this field will help relieve any tension between you and your ex-spouse as well as help your children come to terms with the new life ahead of them.

Over the years, we have become a trusted child solicitor in Lymm and we have helped many clients get the outcome they, and their children, deserve. Our team at BPS Family Law are well versed in every aspect of child custody and maintenance laws as well as all other forms of family law as a whole. For more information about our services, feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to offer friendly advice on how to proceed in your case and will book you in for a friendly, professional consultation at your request.