Child Solicitor in Warrington

Child Solicitor in WarringtonThe court may require that a child solicitor in Warrington be appointed to represent the best interests of a child. Such situations are common when divorcing parents can’t agree on a custody arrangement. Sometimes, during adoption proceedings, a child solicitor will be appointed especially if there is a chance the adoption will be contested by the natural parents or other relatives. The distinction is deliberate so everyone understands that the child solicitor represents only the child and his or her best interests. The solicitor does not represent anyone else by association with the child. The child may be happy, well-loved and cared for in the present environment with a caregiver who is a parent, grandparent or foster parent.

The child’s happiness in his or her present environment is an important factor when determining the best interest of the child. But in Warrington, child solicitor responsibilities go far beyond appearance. The solicitor’s recommendations will be based on the proven stability of the caregiver, the safety of the environment and the child’s preferences. If the situation is a custody debate or visitation rights, the child’s solicitor will investigate and make recommendations based on the child’s best interests; not the relationship of the caregiver to the child. This area of law is a speciality at BPS Family Law and requires specialised training and insight. It’s often a heart-breaking process and one our attorneys undertake with great sensitivity and compassion.

Often, the placement of the child is exactly what everyone involved wants which is gratifying to the child solicitor in Warrington. When there is divorce with unresolved custody issues, death of natural parents or suspicion of abuse in the home, BPS Family Law will fight for the rights of the child. All children are entitled to a healthy, safe and loving environment. If you have concerns for a child contact BPS Family Law and schedule a consultation. We will discuss the merits of your concern and determine what, if any, action should be taken. Our child solicitors bring the full weight of protection provided by law for children we represent. And we do it with sensitivity and understanding so as to avoid fearfulness.