Family Solicitor in Alderley Edge

Family Solicitor in Alderley EdgeYour family solicitor in Alderley Edge is BPS Family Law. Our lawyers and staff are here to represent your family in multiple legal matters. We are well known and respected divorce lawyers but that is only one area of our expertise and experience. Let’s go back to the beginning and consider a prenuptial agreement. We know; not very romantic. A prenup is the withered balloon in your dreamy balloon bouquet. So get it out of the way and out of sight and hope you never need it. Families with large holdings and investments are not willing to risk what the family has built to benefit the members. So when a single member of the family marries, a prenuptial agreement serves to protect the investments of other family members. You may know it will be a long and happy marriage but the rest of the family doesn’t know that. Aunt Mary marries a man who divorces her in two years. You can’t let him walk off with family wealth.

A prenuptial agreement is usually about money but it can be about anything and many things. In Alderley Edge, family solicitor BPS Family Law Firm will insure this legally binding contract will protect whatever you need to protect. Adult children of two people who plan to marry take great comfort in a prenuptial agreement between the older bride and groom. They want what their parents put in place together to stay intact. If their deceased father has a collection of antique cars that now belongs to their mother, the adult children want to make sure this new guy does not walk off or sell off the cars. There are a million reasons for having a prenuptial agreement and we can prepare an ironclad agreement for you.

As a family solicitor in Alderley Edge, we are pleased to see prenups becoming more commonplace. They can help to avoid a lot of grief and expense and so could an incontestable will. Unfortunately, a will can be contested even though the maker may not have imagined such an occurrence. Our family law firm is knowledgeable and experienced in laws surrounding contested wills. Call us to discuss any family legal issues of concern. That includes cohabiting individuals and civil partners. Children’s disputes and safety are very dear to our firm. We have been representing the rights of children for over 60 years. Families matter and so we focus on what matters to families.