Compassionate Child Solicitor in Grappenhall, for When You Need Assistance

Child Solicitor in GrappenhallBPS Family Law is for you when you require a child solicitor in Grappenhall. There are times when a child needs an advocate to speak on his or her behalf. When divorcing parents are unable to reach a custody agreement. The child, especially children 12 or older, can have input into the decision. The final decision belongs to the judge as long as the child is a minor. Since the judge does not know the day-to-day situation, he or she will make the decision based on information gathered from parents, other family members, court appointed guardians, medical professionals and others. So it’s beneficial for the child to be represented by a solicitor who can accurately present the child’s view and preferences.

Divorcing parents may each want custody of the child and they may have valid reasons based on their new residence, change in lifestyle, available time and more. In Grappenhall, child solicitor will present the child’s point of view. Changing homes, schools and friends can be unsettling for children who are well established in their current routine and environment. If there is an ongoing medical condition, staying close to familiar medical facilities and respected physicians may be very important to the child. Ideally, most children would like to avoid all change but if divorce is unavoidable then our child solicitor will present to the court the major concerns of the child.

Our child solicitor in Grappenhall is highly experienced and accustomed to relating to children. Children don’t usually want to be put in the position of choosing one parent over the other. So, all else being equal, we will help the child focus on their best scenario, options and opportunities. In some situations, the child is absolutely certain which parent he wants to live with. That does not negate the other parent’s rights. Our child solicitor will make the child’s case for the judge’s consideration. Contact BPS Family Law for more information if you think your child may be best served by having their own solicitor. Then, when a judge decides what’s best for your child, the judge will have the child’s perspective as well.