Experienced Divorce Solicitor in Lymm can Assist You Through the Process

Divorce Solicitor in Lymm A divorce solicitor in Lymm can help you to get through the process smoothly. At BPS Family Law, we understand the distress and confusion that usually accompanies the breakup of a relationship. No matter how long you’ve been married, whether you have children or not, it can be a difficult time. Additionally, if you have joint financial arrangements, own property or run a business together, it can increase the stress. We ensure that our client’s interests are kept uppermost during any negotiation or settlement process. Ending of relationships can be a time of heightened emotions, and this can cloud your judgment. Our team of highly-trained, knowledgeable and experienced professionals can ensure that in such situations, our clients get the best possible outcomes.

Some of the common sticking points are property, finances and children. In Lymm, a divorce solicitor helps to keep the process as swift and smooth as possible. You may not need to attend Court, and we can take care of all the paper work.  When savings and pensions need to be equitably shared, we ensure that these and all other matrimonial assets are divided properly so that there is no dispute in future. In case one party’s needs are seen to be greater than the other’s, things can be sorted out voluntarily by the couple, without the need for judicial intervention. The parties can mutually agree to a satisfactory solution and we can draw up a Consent Order that is then ratified by a judge. This is then sealed and held to be  legally binding on both parties.

Once the process is set in motion, our divorce solicitor in Lymm can keep you informed about the progress. Get in touch with BPS Family Law for more information and guidance. Divorce usually involves one spouse filing for it by petitioning the court. They have to show that the marriage has broken down irretrievably. There are certain guidelines by which this is determined, based on facts and evidence. When the petition for divorce is sent to the other party, they can choose whether to contest or not contest it.