The Best Child Solicitor in Lymm is Available to Assist

Best Child Solicitor in Lymm Safeguard and protect your children’s rights with help from the best child solicitor in Lymm. Our team has been successfully practicing family law for more than 70 years. Our highly experienced, knowledgeable team approaches every client issue with care and compassion. We understand that every relationship goes through ups and downs, but in certain cases, there is an irreconcilable breach. Couples experience immense emotional stress and trauma, and when children are involved, the problem gets even more complicated. Our firm’s founder has more than four decades’ experience in matrimonial law. Team members such as Caroline Swain are sought-after attorneys, especially by ultra-high net worth individuals and in complex cases.

For our clients in Lymm, our child solicitor ensures that regardless of the parental dispute, the children’s rights are upheld.  Though ours is a small, boutique law firm that specialises in providing advice, assistance and advocacy to clients in divorce, and also in matters that involve children. Divorce is a highly turbulent period for both parents and children. Statistics show that nearly 50% of divorcing couples in the UK have children under age 16. These figures do not take into account unwed parents. Maintenance and custody disputes, rights and responsibilities of parents are crucial issues.

The best child solicitor in Lymm handles matters professionally,  with least disruption to the child. Moreover, they make sure that they get all they’re entitled to, keeping their rights paramount. Contact BPS Family Law when you need a compassionate child solicitor. Children experience a variety of strong emotions when their parents decide to part. As such, they may blame themselves for it,  They may have to leave the family home and familiar way of life and embark on a new phase in a different place. Moreover, they feel the loss of one parent deeply and may also fear that they could lose the remaining one too. Many parents’ divorces are so acrimonious that children may be forced to take sides between the two. This can impact children differently at different ages.