Divorce Lawyer in Mobberley can Assist at an Emotional Time

Divorce Lawyer in Mobberley It is best to use the services of a professional divorce lawyer in Mobberley if you and your spouse are planning to divorce. A divorce is not always a straightforward procedure. There are many issues to discuss and resolve. There may be joint assets and other financial implications. In addition, there may be minor children born of the marriage. Regardless of how amicable your partner is, it remains a sensible decision to engage a divorce lawyer. A divorce is often the result of unhappiness within a marriage. As such, it may include hurt feelings and betrayal. Hence, when people are unhappy with each other, ugly disputes can arise. Our divorce lawyer has the experience and the expertise to ensure the best outcome for all.

In June 2020, Parliament passed the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020, which is now an act of Parliament. However, in Mobberley, a divorce lawyer is still necessary to ensure the correct procedures.  The basis of the new law remains the same. As such, divorce is only possible when a marriage has irretrievably broken down. Another aspect that our divorce lawyer can assist with is a consent order. This is a legal document that confirms your financial agreement to the court. In other words, it sets out how you and your spouse will divide your assets such as property, savings, and pensions. This is not obligatory. However, it is the only way to end financial ties with your spouse. Furthermore, it helps prevent your spouse from making future claims.

A divorce lawyer in Mobberley can assist with all aspects of a divorce. We are specialists in family law. Furthermore, not only are we experts in our field, but we also commit to offering a personal service to each of our clients. If you need the assistance of an expert divorce lawyer, contact BPS Family Law. As experts in handling all aspects of divorce cases, we will ensure that you receive the best advice and guidance. Furthermore, our fees are highly competitive. As such, we offer different payment options. These include fixed fees, structured payments, and payment at the end of your case. Our many years of experience ensure the best possible outcome for you.