BPS Family Law: The Best Family Solicitor Company Operating in Grappenhall


With a stellar record of delivering exceptional services, BPS Family Law comes to Grappenhall as the best family solicitor company. Our Divorce and Matrimonial Finance Division is highly renowned, thanks to the vast experience of our founder, Harry Lipson, and the expertise of our Partner, Caroline Swain.

Our Founding and Expertise

  • Harry Lipson, our founder, brings over 40 years of matrimonial law experience to the table, laying a solid foundation for the firm.

  • Partner Caroline Swain, working closely with Harry, provides a robust advice network for our clients. Both Harry and Caroline are widely recognised as leaders in their field.

Our Services

  1. We offer expert assistance to parents and grandparents experiencing difficulties surrounding children of their family, including contact and abduction issues.

  2. Our services extend to cases of removal from the UK and local area, always ensuring the safety and well-being of the child.

  3. We also provide guidance on financial support and parental responsibilities issues, including change of name and change of schools.

Our Presence in Grappenhall

After establishing branches throughout Cheshire, we’ve now extended our services to Grappenhall, reinforcing our commitment to helping families navigate the complexities of family law. As the best family solicitor company in the area, we’re dedicated to providing top-notch services that address the unique needs of each client.


At BPS Family Law, we believe in offering professional, empathetic and solution-oriented services. In Grappenhall, we aim to continue our legacy of excellence, providing unrivalled family law services to all who need them. With our team of experts, we’re committed to guiding you every step of the way.