BPS Family Law: The Best Family Solicitor Company Operating in Bramhall

BPS Family Law: Ensuring Quality Legal Support in Bramhall

When it comes to dealing with sensitive family legal matters, it’s crucial to have reliable and experienced support by your side. BPS Family Law, a prominent family solicitor company, is proud to extend its services to residents of Bramhall. This article explores our offerings and unique capabilities in the field of family law.

Founded and Headed by Industry Leaders

Our Divorce and Matrimonial Finance Division was established by Harry Lipson, a seasoned professional with over four decades of matrimonial law experience. The division is led by Partner Caroline Swain, who works closely with Harry to provide an unrivalled network of advice for clients. Both Caroline and Harry are esteemed as leaders within their profession.

Wide-ranging Expertise

At BPS Family Law, we offer more than just support for divorce and matrimonial finance matters. We also assist parents and grandparents dealing with challenges related to their family children. These can include:

  • Contact issues
  • Abduction cases
  • Removal from the UK and local area
  • Financial support concerns
  • Parental responsibilities such as change of name and change of schools

Operating in Bramhall

We are pleased to offer our services in Bramhall, providing the residents with our vast expertise in family law. Our aim is to ensure that the complexities of legal processes are made easier for our clients, allowing them to navigate through these challenging times with minimal stress.

Why Choose BPS Family Law in Bramhall?

  1. Unmatched Experience: With our founder’s 40 years in the field, we provide tried-and-tested legal guidance.
  2. Leadership Qualities: Both our founder and partner are recognised as leaders in the field, ensuring exceptional legal advice.
  3. Versatility: From divorce and finance to child-related issues, our team covers a broad spectrum of family law matters.
  4. Local Presence: Our operations in Bramhall mean we understand the local legal landscape, enabling us to provide relevant advice.


BPS Family Law stands as a beacon of professional support for residents in Bramhall dealing with family legal affairs. With our wealth of experience, leadership and versatility, we ensure that our clients receive the best possible guidance and support during their family legal proceedings.