BPS Family Law: A Leading Family Law Firm in Stockton Heath

About BPS Family Law

BPS Family Law is a distinguished family law firm, recognised for its expertise in divorce and matrimonial finance. Founded by Harry Lipson, a respected figure with over 40 years of experience in matrimonial law, the firm has established a strong reputation for its comprehensive legal services.

Leadership and Expertise

The firm’s Divorce and Matrimonial Finance Division is led by Partner Caroline Swain, working in close collaboration with Harry Lipson. The duo forms a robust advice network for their clients, and they are both recognised as leaders in their field.

Services Offered

  1. Representation for parents and grandparents dealing with issues related to the children of their family, including contact, abduction and removal from the UK and local area.
  2. Assistance with financial support matters.
  3. Guidance on parental responsibilities issues like change of name and change of schools.

Presence in Stockton Heath

While BPS Family Law is based in Cheshire, it operates extensively in Stockton Heath, providing reliable family law solutions to its clients in the area. The firm brings its wealth of experience and an understanding approach to navigate complex family law issues.

Why Choose BPS Family Law?

  • Expert guidance from leaders in the field.
  • Over 40 years of matrimonial law experience.
  • Comprehensive range of services to cater to varied family law needs.
  • Strong presence in Stockton Heath, ensuring a local understanding of the law.


In conclusion, BPS Family Law is a trusted choice for individuals seeking expert legal advice and representation in family law matters. With its services in Stockton Heath, the firm continues to uphold its commitment to providing personalised, professional, and effective legal support.